How to kiss at school without being caught

High-school is the best time to fall in love and get yourself your first girlfriend or boyfriend. Though, the sweet little kisses are getting more dangerous (or exciting?) when there is always a fear of being caught by teachers or classmates.

So, are you wondering where is the best place to make out when you are still in school? Here are some of the best places you could use to kiss without being caught.

The school bus

The school buses are always the wildest and most uncontrolled placed for school students. It’s still not a school territory, so basically you can do whatever you want, including kissing.

Any kind of school formal

Do you know why high-school students are waiting for the prom or other school formals so much? Not only because they can have fun and dance with they friends. But also because there will always be a crowd big enough to kiss without drawing too much attention.

An empty classroom

A classroom before or after class is like a gift for two love birds and you definitely need to take an advantage of it and enjoy these few minutes of uninhibited heaven.

The back of the school

This special Breakfast Club-y place is the one thing that will make you really want to go to school every morning.

Your first car

Getting your first car is a pretty important time in youth’s life as now you get not just a driving license (which means you are fully grown up) but also your own private space, where you can do whatever you want. And there would be no better place for your first high-school kiss.

If you are still wondering how to kiss at school without being caught, try to use some of these tips and don’t be scared to do it. Young love is always amazing, so use your school years to experience everything.

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